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6 janvier 2015 2 06 /01 /janvier /2015 13:24

Chers compatriotes, 

En piece-jointe vous trouverez l'orginale de la lettre adressee au President Jacob Zuma pour le soutien de la paix, securite et la stabilite du Kongo.

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 Voici le contenu :              


To His Excellency Mister Jacob Zuma, 

The President of the Republic of South Africa

The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa

Pretoria, Republic of South Africa         

January 05, 2015


 The Congolese Citizens

PO Box 5743, Cresta, 2118



Ref.:  006/CC/GM/JM/015


His Excellency Mister the President,


RE:   Strengthening peace, security and stability of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo).

We refer to the above and to the framework agreement signed on 24 February 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as well as to your distinguished capacity of the President of the Republic South Africa ( South Africa), and the Chairperson of the SADC Troika (Political, Defence, and Security), personally concerned for the peace, security and stability of DR Congo.


His Excellency Mister the President,

The implication of South Africa in the process of peace, security and stability of DR Congo has undeniably and positively tangible, however the responsibility of the Government of the DR Congo is of critical consideration in this regard, particularly on the line of the safeguard of the internal and external security. Concerning the internal security, the regime of Kinshasa is fuelling the tension of the long victimised and deceived citizens which shall lead to an uncontrollable situation. In addition, the number of the oppressed-unarmed and peaceful opponents keeps on escalating, among others are Honourables Diomi Ndonga, Ewanga Ise Ewanga, and currently Vano Kiboko, unjustly imprison, followed by the repression of the peaceful marches; the latest bloodily and violently repressed is of the 3rd January 2015 in Katanga, and all vocal political leaders are experiencing horrible psychological, and even physical threats such as Jean-Claude Muyambo Katanga held for 3 hours in Loano international aeroport, in Lubumbashi - Katanga, on 29th septembre 2014.





His Excellency Mister the President,

The stability of the DR Congo remains of great concern, due to the fact that the security, sovereignty and the integrity of the territories still in danger by the eastern neighbouring invaders particularly Rwanda and Uganda. Though, humbly we welcome the special attention to be given to the decision of the complete neutralisation of foreign arm groups in the DR Congo, in a Joint Summit of Heads of State and Government of SADC and the ICGLR will take place on 15 and 16 January 2015 in Luanda, hencethe threats of reorganisation of the ex-M23 combatants have to be perused equally as ADF and FDLR. Consequently, resolutions of neutralisation to be taken in the upcoming historical summit shall affect the three named groups equally; all represent the same threats for peace, security and stability of the DR Congo.


Therefore, His Excellency Mister the President, we appeal urgently, to your distinguished assistance in this concern, particularly in the upcoming historical summit.


We hereby, appreciate in advance, His Excellency Mister the President, your personal intervention, attention and consideration reserved to the concern.


Sincerely yours,


For and on behalf of The Congolese Citizens, DR Congo



Joseph Diamena Matundu                                   Golden Misabiko

MCom Business Mgnt (UNISA)                            Human Rights Defender

Phone: +27 76 188 0417 +27 81 424 9935                 Nominee MEA 2006

Email: jdmatundu@gmail.com                               Leader of DR Congo Civil Society

Skype: joseph.matundu                                           Human Rights Expert and Protected



1.       The Chairperson of AU,

2.       The Chairperson of SADC,

3.       The Chairperson in charge of the Greats Lakes Region of the ANC,

4.       The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Affairs of South Africa,

5.       The Speaker of the Parliament of South Africa.


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