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25 octobre 2014 6 25 /10 /octobre /2014 10:05

SOS CONGO (DRC): an Appeal to international Human

Rights Organizations and the United Nations


After more than 2 decades of horrible violence due to the regional war of Congo’s minerals with more than 8 millions people killed by Rwandan and Ugandan Armies, proxy-militias of these neighboring countries are still continuing to kill many civilians in the eastern province of North-Kivu in the DRC with impunity. We strongly condemn the ongoing genocide in the DRC. Many people, mostly children have been massacred last week in Beni and in Oicha with impunitydespite the overwhelming presence of  the United Nations troupes. Why??

Following the recent UN Human Rights Department report released in Kinshasa by Mr. Scott Campbell’s Team on October 15th, 2014 that clearly accused and exposed the government of the so called « Joseph Kabila »  for his systematic massacre and terrorism actions against the youth in DRC, we condemn the decision taken by  » Joseph Kabila » to suspend Mr. Scott Campbell UN Mandate in the DRC. Justice has to be made to all of the victims of violence in the Congo. But one question still remains: How can the people of the Congo understand the weakness of the United Nations against the so called  » Joseph Kabila’s » terrorist government while they are forceful to other terrorist regimes around the world??? (See pictures below)

The main challenge the Congolese people are facing currently is to stop “Joseph Kabila’s” subversion, who is trying to violate again and modify the constitution in order to stay in power and destabilize the country at the term of his controversial leadership in the DRC. His “regime” was the most horrible since the independence of the DRC, thus the largest majority of the Congolese people who’ve never elected him want him to leave the power in 2016 as the constitution doesn’t allow him to run again. The US administration and the EU as well as the UN have clearly declared that they are against any kind of violation of the constitution and “Joseph Kabila” has to respect the law and step down in 2016 as recommended by the DRC constitution. The Congolese are now preparing the “after Kabila’s tragic reign” to rebuild their country and start a new alliance of peace with the USA and EU in the 21 century. That’s the most significant challenge. The national and international policy of the DRC need significant changes throughout a new Alliance of Peace for the Humanity in the 21st century to put an end to the system of terror and impunity instated  in this country since 1884! 

We want to recall, however, that instability and all the horrible crimes that are currently rampant in the DRC are supported, executed and maintained internally by « Joseph Kabila » himself and his occupation government which is under guardianship and in complicity with the current regime in Rwanda and in Uganda for the permanent destabilization of the region and the destruction of the DRC and its people. The Congolese people, the largest majority of Civil Society organizations, The Catholic Church which represents more than 70% of our population, even some influential members within the same occupation government of the so called « Joseph Kabila » in Kinshasa including the opposition now crystallize all disputes on « Kabila’s » subversion against the constitution, as well as his damaging complicity role in the destabilization of DRC by Rwandan and Ugandan proxy militias. Congolese are witnessing everyday with bitterness that « Kabila » is the main internal actor of the destabilization of the DRC and therefore the root cause of the current national tragedy that he deliberately keeps worsening following multiple dangerous agreements he secretly signs or engages with Rwanda and its militias (led by war criminals wanted by ICC). These controversial and harmful agreements are promoting regional instability, infiltration and the destruction of the Congolese National Army, causing regional instability, enormous suffering of the Congolese as well as systematic violation of territorial integrity and sovereignty of the DRC.  “Joseph Kabila” must resign due to his obvious complicity with war criminals and his inability to govern and protect the people of the DRC. This step will finally allow the establishment of a responsible national government in the DRC, accordingly to the will of the large majority of the Congolese, to build a new leadership that can manage national and international interests by ensuring the national and regional stability.

This country (DRC) must be stable and fully assume its natural role of regional leadership in Central Africa to ensure good neighbor policy and legitimate international  trade in all respects of law. Rwandan politics of destabilization of the DRC through permanent proxy war follow by infiltration and support of its militia and Rwandan soldiers in the Congolese National Army with the complicity of “Joseph Kabila” must end to make way for a stable political system in the Congo. We strongly encourage the United Nations to be forceful to the so called « Joseph Kabila » and all Kagame’ s men within the DRC government by reinforcing sanctions and the rigor of the International Law as they use to act against criminal leaders around the world. 

 » Kabila » must step down! The United Nations should end its support to this horrific regime in the DRC.

The so called “Joseph Kabila” is personally not able to take any strong actions against Ugandan and Rwandan governments in order to defend the Congolese and the integrity of their territory due to his common known destructive role in the DRC. “Kabila” as former Rwandan Patriotic Front officer will never strongly address his Rwandan supporter to stop the destabilization of the Congo because he is part of this destabilization regime which has been imposed in the DRC. Furthermore it is common known that the Congolese do not accept this government of “Joseph Kabila”, he must be deposed. The Executive is very weak at the moment; the current government in Kinshasa is the result of massive election frauds and violence. We strongly believe that an additional “dialogue” between Paul Kagame, Yuweri Museveni and “Joseph Kabila” will not have any substantial sense or significance, as all evidences show that all of them are strongly determined to destroy the DRC and its people through infernal proxy-war and systematic massacres of Congolese people with impunity. In this context an additional “dialogue” between the three war-lords will enable them continuing to try and achieve their aims through proxy means, which is causing enormous human suffering in the DRC, large-scale displacement of civilians and stunted economic growth in the DRC and the whole region. The country absolutely needs a new leadership accordingly to the will of the Congolese people to give impetus to the fight against corruption, humanitarian tragedy and against the demolition of the Congolese National Army in order to rebuild peace and stability in the DRC and in the central African region. The UN should respect the will of the Congolese to achieve this goal accurately and peacefully.

Why impunity is still ongoing in the Congo under UN mandate? Why???

The Congolese people have come a long way from a big tragedy since more than a century and did not have any respite at all. Their pride that of being Congolese and part of the Humanity is a civic responsibility of hope in justice and security as well as in the divine spirituality; which bind them to their Ancestors, for eternity. They must be the accredited marry -go-around actors of their country. They want to begin right now, rebuilding security and dignity in their country by focusing on priority in this new alliance of peace, the true process of the restoration of State of law, security and the international Congo-partnership Renaissance in all that these words bring forth as utterance on this expectation.

Jeanne-Marie Sindani,  UPDC Executive President                                                                                                                                                    Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany, October 18th, 2014

   Please, have a look at these pictures of « Joseph Kabila’s » terror regime in the DRC to understand the suffering of the Congolese people ! The so called  » Kabila » must step down, and it is time for the UN to end its support to this regime of terror! It’s enough !                                                                                                                                                               

massacre à Beni, Nord-Kivu, Rép.Dem. du Congo, 17 octobre 2014

  L’ Union des Patriotes de la Diaspora Congolaise condamne tous ces actes de genocides qui perdurent en RDC en présence des forces des Nations Unies, comme tout récemment encore les MASSACRE A BENI, NORD-KIVU, RDC, le 17 OCTOBRE 2014.



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