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Il s’est tenu du 10 au 11 septembre dernier à Berlin un grand Sommet réunissant  les autorités allemandes d’une part, les dirigeants politiques et opérateurs économiques de tout le continent africain d’autre part. La République démocratique du Congo, considérée comme l’invitée d’honneur du sommet, était représentée par le Premier ministre Augustin Matata Ponyo, accompagné de quelques uns de ses ministres et collaborateurs. Ce sommet vient après celui organisé à Washington en début août 2014 par le Gouvernement américain.

Mais au delà des discours, quelle est la contribution réelle de l’Allemagne dans le développement et le bien être du peuple Kongolais? Faut-il rappeler que c’est à Berlin que fut scellé en 1884 le complot international mettant fin  à l’existence de l’état souverain du Kongo réduit à l’esclavage sous le pouvoir de Léopold II, roi des Belges ? Depuis, l’Allemagne s’est toujours alliéé avec les ennemis de notre peuple depuis le régime dictatorial de Mobutu en passant par le génocide de prés de 10 millions de Congolais massacrés, sans oublier des millions d’autres enterrés vivants, mutilés, violés et éparpillés à travers les forets des régions du Kivu, poursuivis jusqu'à ce jour par les armées du Rwanda et de l’Ouganda, les mêmes armées supportées par l’Allemagne qui ont installé et maintiennent au pouvoir dans notre pays un agent Rwandais en la personne de Kabila Kabange Kazambarembe depuis l’assassinat de Laurent-Désire Kabila en 2001.

En termes d’investissements au Congo, l’Allemagne s’est manifesté dans l’exploitation du bois et la distribution des véhicules Mercedes pour l’élite politique corrompue sous le Zaire de Mobutu. Mais depuis 1990, même si l’Allemagne dispose d’une ambassade bien lotie à Gombe, elle est absente dans la vie misérable des millions de Congolais. Elle a cependant une présence imposante au sein des Forces Européennes chargées de supporter le régime de Kabila contre la volonté du peuple Kongolais aux élections de 2006 et 2011 et probablement encore dans celles attendues en 2016, forces au sein desquelles l’Allemagne assume le commandement.

Entretemps, les quelques travailleurs Congolais qui ont bénéficié des investissements allemands dans le secteur de l’exploitation du bois et la distribution des véhicules Mercedes à Kinshasa ont été jettéés dans la rue après la fermeture des installations allemandes sans même un mot de remerciement.

Nous invitons le lecteur à lire attentivement l’article ci-dessous que nous avions déjà distribue en 2013 pour dénoncer le rôle de l’Allemagne dans le génocide du peuple Congolais depuis 1884 jusqu'à ce jour.





A large Summit was held from 10 to 11 September 2014 in Berlin between   Germany and the main political leaders and economic operators of the African continent. This Summit comes after the one chaired by the US president in Washington in early August. The Democratic Republic of the Congo was considered to be the guest of  honor at the Berlin Summit and was represented by Premier Augustin Matata Ponyo, accompanied by some of his ministers and collaborators. But outside of rhetoric, what role has the Germany played in the development of the DRC? It must be recalled that it was at a Berlin’s conference  that the  Kongo sovereign State was reduced into slavery under the leadership of King Léopold II of Belgium in 1884. We also know that most recently, it was under the command of Germany that European forces have imposed Kabila Kabange Kazemberembe as the leader of  our country following the rigged elections of 2006 and 2011.

A few years back, Germany invested in the exploitation of timber and the production of Mercedes vehicules in Kinshasa during the dictatorship regime of Mobutu. Since 1990, Germany left Zaire and threw in the streets the  Congolese workers who benefited from its investments without even thanking them. Germany’s state policies towards the Congo have remained the same since 1884. Read carefully the following article that was distributed in 2013 to denounce Germany’s industries’plan in the exploitation of mineral resources of the Congo.

Germany’s role in the holocaust perpetraded in the RDC from 1884 to this day.


    Those who believe that the Holocaust of over 6 million Jews is only a nightmare that the world will never live again do not know who control actually Germany. German’s hand and Fascism resurfaced in the DRC since the fall of the Berlin wall! The extermination of the Jews during the Second World War is manifest in its industrial, bureaucratic routine that makes it unique in the history of humanity.

Perpetrated on the orders of Adolf Hitler, the crime was mainly implemented by the SS and RSHA headed by Heinrich Himmler and a part of the Wehrmacht and many experts and bureaucrats of the Third Reich. It has benefited from individual and collective complicity throughout Europe, particularly among fascist or Nazi collaborationist movements and from governments and administrations which have chosen state to state collaboration.

Ignorance at the beginning, passivity, indifference or cowardice of many Europeans also allowed its accomplishment. Instead, many anonymous, often at the risk of their own lives were dedicated to save the persecuted. Some of them received postwar honorary title as "Righteous among the nations."

    Could this ignorance, indifference, cowardice and passivity of many, individual and collective complicity in Europe allow those who control Germany today to exterminate the Bantu population of the Congo? Can the DRC's populations count on the many anonymous or officials whom devoted themselves to saving the persecuted Jews, often at the cost of their own lives, or will these anonymous or officials simply ignore the Congolese because they are Africans?

Who are those who control Germany today?

The leaders of major industries and powerful administrative and military Germany bureaucracy are those who have benefited from the extermination of the Jews and are the same who have planned and set up the Holocaust in Congo which begun 128 years ago with the Congo conference in Berlin (November 1884 - February 1885) under the aegis of the German Otto von Bismark who instaured this inhuman and terrorist system and whose ideology and basic principles of domination and exploitation of other peoples are implemented in a single ideology of demonic terror in the world known under the terms " durch Blut und Eisen." That is to say, "by iron and blood". The Bismark ideology will result in Adolph Hitler's rise, culminate in World War I and II and in the extermination of millions of Jews.

We would like to present here a few samples of the German industries’ rush in the control of Strategic raw materials around the world and more particularly, in the Democratic Republic of Congo which is known to possess those materials in abundance, as revealed May 7, 2006 by the European journalist Raf Custers in his French language article: "Patrons allemands partisans d’une guerre des matières premières au Congo", here translated from French into English.

    Germany is intended to ensure for itself the tracking of these strategic raw materials from the DRC by all means, including military means. These are the strong words of Karl-Heinz Dörner, president of the German Task Force responsible for the control of strategic raw materials. Dörner, president of German Metal Industries was speaking at the first briefing on 31 March 2006 in Berlin stigmatizing the necessity for Germany to lead the effort on this topic. "The Congo is the main area for the extraction of cobalt. Therefore, it is of extraordinary importance for German industries." He said. Dörner's strategy on this matter was due to be operational in late March 2007 in Congo, writes Raf Custers. The German's Foreign Policy website adds: "In order for Germany to compete internationally on the Strategic raw materials commodity markets, German strategists must consider the possibility of raising war (Mittel des Krieges) or subversion in the risky areas.” These strategists contemplating war and subversion in the Strategic raw materials risky areas serve on the Karl-Heinz Dörner Task Force, set up by the German industries' leaders and more specifically, by the Bundesverband des Deutschen Industrie (BDI, which is the equivalent of what is called in Belgium FEB or Federation of Belgian Enterprises.)

Dörner himself is a character among prominent German bosses. He leads the German metallurgy federation, "Wirtschaftsvereinigung Metalle" (WVM, similar to the Flemish Agoria). He also sits on the BDI and was appointed as chair of the group to develop the German strategy for raw materials in spring 2007. The Task Force is, of course, provided with the full support of military planners of the German state. Meeting in late March 2006, the Task Force mainly examined the question of how Germany could ensure the delivery of sufficient quantities of good quality and at "low reasonable prices" of these Strategic raw materials. The German Foreign Policy website reports that Dörner explained also at this meeting, the need of a Circular Memorandum to all nations and highlighted the situation existing in Kazakhstan, the second largest producer of chrome and in the Congo (DRC), the largest producer of cobalt, which is of a particular importance for the German industries.

"If Germany wants to control some trade routes" indicates the website, "there would be eventually a need to liquidate the old elite (in these countries - Kazakhstan and DR Congo) - and replace them by new corrupted and criminel groups gravitating in German's sphere of influence," according to the opinion expressed in the same meeting by Rudolf Adam of " Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik "(Federal Institute for security policy), another member of the Dörner's Task Force.

 Events around the "elections" in the Congo (2006-2007)

As a recall, the European Union's protocol required Germany to lead EUFOR- DRC (European Forces for Congo) operational at the beginning of May 2006. In the European press, it was stated that these forces were intended to ensure the security of elections in the DRC. For German industries' bosses however, the mission of the troops EUFOR-RDC was perfectly consistent with their interests and wishes regarding the strategic raw materials in Congo to impose by force or rigged election a corrupted group to power against the will of the Congolese people. It also proved that at this precise moment, Dörner was on the payroll of Hydro Aluminium Deutschland, a subsidiary of Norsk Hydro.

The group has interests in Africa, specifically the oil sector in Angola and Libya; in aluminum in Zimbabwe and in South Africa. The Canadian aluminum giant, MagEnergy, was also present in Congo-Brazzaville on a project exporting cheap electricity from the Congo-Kinshasa market. Similarly, the Australian mining giant, BHP Billiton saw the Congo with undisguised interest on the strategic raw materials of the country. It is interesting noticing that in recent years, German metals and mining companies such as HC Starck (group Bayer) and Gesellschaft für Elektrometallurgie (GfE) - especially its former director Karl-Heinz Albers - have been portrayed as benefiting in the looting of natural resources through the war in the RD Congo since 1998. GfE has owned the ore mining company Lweshe on the Eastern Congo. Albers operated his own company in the war zone.

According to German media foreign policy officials, the German federal government practiced very hard lobbying in favor of these companies and also protected Albers. Officially, HC Starck and GfE were washed from accusations of war trade. It now appears that the attempt of German employers in tightening ranks to plunder the countries possessing Strategic raw materials, including the Congo, had failed. Under the motto "against protectionism", Germany advocates aggressively to ensure free access to "the full range of important raw materials (iron ore and zirconium) for their industries. The arguments of the German lobbies and hidden German Agenda employers and their lobbyists have found wide resonance among German politicians. This resulted in a strong movement in February and March 2006 when members of the Bundestag - (German parliament) - opposed the German participation in the sending of a European military contingent in Congo.

The German defense minister rebuked instead opponents with the argument that "stability" (that means oppression and exploitation throughout "iron and blood") in this region, rich in minerals is beneficial to the German industry. Andreas Schockenhoff, foreign affairs specialist of the CDU / CSU Bundestag fraction, said for his part: "The Congo has especially important strategic raw materials." Eckart Von Klaeden of the Union fraction said in Der Spiegel: "There are significant groundwater resources for safety, strategic mineral such as uranium and beryllium. They can fall into incompetent hands." 

Among these safe minerals, there is niobium, which is used in manufacturing some parts of rocket, and tantalum, used in GSM. The paradox is that, the current RDC government under Joseph Kabila's rule set up in power under Germany's leadership is the most criminal and incompetent regime in Africa and even in the world !

Finally, in early April 2007, during a trip to South Africa, German President Horst Köhler said: "The theme of Contents must indeed be on the International policy agenda". We can now expect that Germany, the largest economy in the EU integrates hunting for minerals in the Union strategy.

 The Alliance of Paul Kagame and Germany

The desperate determination of Paul Kagame to occupy the Rutshuru Congolese land in Kivu can now be explained by the German's shadow as in all wars and genocides in Congo since 1884. This is what the following article in Kinyarwanda tells us : Source: Ikirombe cy’amabuye y’agaciro cya Lueshe, imwe mu mpamvu igiye gutuma FPR irimbura abanya Rutchuru. http://ikazeiwacu.unblog.fr/2013/07/28/ikirombe-cyamabuye-yagaciro-cya-lueshe-imwe-mu-mpamvu-igiye-gutuma-fpr-irimbura-abanya-rutchuru/28 juillet 2013  Ubukungu

    According to several credible sources close to the government of Rwanda, the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) and its leader Paul Kagame prepare large-scale massacres of the Tutsis in the town of Kiwanja (North Kivu). The suspicion is that when that happens, the Rwandan government will then accuse the Congolese army FARDC and the UN Forces supervising the operations in the region, as being responsibles. "The Tutsi genocide" propaganda machine will, then carries the lie around the world to discredit the FARDC and the UN Forces.

    The RPF and Kagame have suffered defeat in the past weeks of July 2013 in the confrontation of M23/Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) against the FARDC. It is widely known that the M23 is a rwandan milice front to allow Paul Kagame and is banker, the German Karl Heinz Albers, former CEO of SOMIKIVU (Mining Company Kivu), which operates in Rutshuru/Lweshe to plunder the natural resources of the Congo. This is why Kagame is determined to retake control of that region at all costs. M23 is composed of 95% of Rwandan army elements (RDF); affirms a Rwandan officer who deserted M23 and is now exiled in Uganda. All international reports confirm unanimously this fact. But Martin Kobler (German) who is currently leading the UN Force in the DRC (MONUSCO) has supported the will of of Paul Kagame to infiltrate those rwandan troups (M23) in the Congolese national Army, threatning the DRC's security and the stability for many years against the will of all Congolese who rejected the integration or "mixage" of the rwandan troups in the Congolese nation Army (FARDC).

 Lweshite, Kagame, Albers and CNDP/M23

Lweshite (or Lueshite) is the name of a rare mineral that is found only in DRC and mainly in Rutshuru. It is contained in an open sky concession in the village of Lweshi, district of Bwito, territory of Rutshuru, in the North Kivu province of DRC. This place was sewn with mystery for a long time. The NSA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) explored the place for two years. In 1988, they discovered a rare mineral. Geologists named it "Lueshite". This ore is used in aerospace, warplanes, oil explorations, etc.

Kagame, Albers and the Holocaust in the DR Congo

Before the invasion of Rwanda and Uganda, also known as "AFDL liberation war" of 1996, SOMIKIVU Corporation operated the Niobium and explored the Lueshite in the region. SOMIKIVU is a DRC-German joint venture company led by Albers who bought all the shares from shareholders who withdrew because of insecurity (exported Rwandan Hutu-Tutsi conflict in Congo) in the North Kivu in 1993. It is important to remember that this conflict was fed by Paul Kagame and the RPF after the assassination of the former Rwandan Hutu President Habyarimana. Kagame, then rebel leader in Rwanda, sent commandos in Zaire to kill Tutsis, and then blamed it on other native Hutu to show that the Tutsis were hated in Zaire, and give himself a false pretext in invading Congo-Zaire. Upon the arrival to power of the AFDL Laurent-Désiré Kabila, SOMIKIVU was wiped out. Mr. Albers had left the dealership. President Laurent-Desire Kabila ceded the company to Michael Krall, an Autrichian, who began activity in 1999 under Edith Krall Metal Congo Ltd.'s name.

Karl Heinz Albers then approached Paul Kagame and the RPF in 2000. He supported and funded Kigali in his attempt to overthrow the government in Kinshasa and acquired Lweshite by force. He then moved to Rwanda for the cause and hired a Rwandan millionaire, Tribert Rujugiro, one of RPF major financiers. Albers and Rujugiro are exploiting and plundering the concession today, and they finance also mass rape of women and the massacre of millions of Congolese with the help of Paul Kagame’s troops.

Lweshite and the funding of wars in North Kivu (DRC)

Based on this report, we may say that almost every war in North Kivu finds its bed in Bwito and is financed by German firms which identify themselves generally as Israeli or Anglo-Saxon companies. The loss of Rutshuru will be a death sentence for Albers Lueshite monopoly in the world and the Alliance of Albers, Paul Kagame and Germany. An alliance that finances Kagame-RCD-CNDP-M23 as well as the "arrest" in Germany and the cover up of Rose Kabuye, an RPF's member, supposedly involved directly in the assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana in April 1994.

France's courts have been wanting to interrogate this fellow to determine the real master of Habyarimana's assassination plot. The defeat of M23 since the beginning of July 2013 in Ruthuru hustled everyone. Albers is on the phone constantly and keeps Kagame syleepless to maintain control of Rutshuru while the leadership around Kagame in Kigali is divided about the Congo war. Furthermore, USA, UK, France and Israel have decided to end the proxy war of Rwandan "rebel movements". Only Germany the strongest ally of Tutsi elite since its colonial influence in Rwanda-Urundi until the first world war (which is the defacto leader of the EU) opposes everyone! This is the country responsible of the holocaust in Congo since 1884 to date as it is also for the Holocaust of 6 million Jews (1940-1945).

The end of the Rwandan "Hitler"

        According to rumors, Kagame might be hospitalized for bipolar symptoms. He has beenabsent from Kigali for some time. Nkundabatware and General Ibingira were injured in an FARDC's ambush inside the Virunga park during the Kibumba attack July 2013. Worse, the bombing of Rumangabo by the FARDC surprised Rwanda and Germany. Rwanda lost 52 officers and two white experts (nationality unknown) in the use of sophisticated weapons. Germany launched a desperate lobbying campaign to misinform international public opinion after the defeat of Kagame's M23 in July 2013. As a consequence of these events, The U.S. has reduced staff in embassies in Kigali, Bujumbura, Kampala, and Nairobi, but not in Kinshasa.This has nothing to do with the recent al Qaeda threats. The Clinton's recent visit to Kigali may have been motivated by the desire of the US to end their support to the Rwandan Army in the Congo war. South Africa suspended its diplomatic relations with Rwanda because of the terrorism crimes of Paul Kagame against his opponents in exile in this contry.

Tanzania, one of the neighboring countries long-time sympathetic to Rwanda decided to expatriate all of rwandan refugees including those living in the country since 1959.These refugees are among the groups of Rwandans ready to bring an end to Kagame's dictatorship.

Germany's Plot at the UN

In Germany however, the appointment of Martin Kobler as Representative of the UN Secretary General in the DRC and the new MONUSCO's Chief is regarded as a success in terms of German hegemony in Europe and the world, as well as for the control of Congo's riches and the extermination of Congolese Bantu people. This is the 3rd German plot in line with the Congo Conference in Berlin (1884-1885), EUFOR-DRC in 2006-2007 that explains the role of Germany in the 128 years' holocaust in Congo. German's fascism having a face behind Martin Kobler’s UN- nomination, the free nations of the world must rise up to condemn openly the new Wehrmacht (about 10,000 German soldiers in the RDC). But it is firstly the Congolese Elite who must mobilize their people and alert other countries of Africa and all nations in the international community against Germany bloody hegemony in the DRC.

Therefore, throughout the regions of the DRC under the oppression and repression of the so called "Joseph Kabila" - enjoying industrial German preference - savvy Congolese Traditional Chiefs have canceled solemnly on November 15, 2011 the Bismarck declaration in a special ceremony, calling the curse on Fürst Bismarck's order, which inaugurated from Berlin February 26, 1885 the era of genocide, the regime of fascism and Terror, impunity and the looting of Congo's wealth by Germany and the Westerner nations led by Leopold II (a German), king of Belgium. The entire Congolese people is launching a clarion call to all the free peoples of the world to strongly denounce Germany's fascism that has already cost millions and millions of human lives in the world, that's still going on in Africa, especially in the Congo for at least 128 years (1884-2014).

Please share this message with everyone around you. Make sure the world is aware of the plight of the RD Congo people. Let's bring an end to the suffering the Congo people have endured for almost 600 years on the soil of their own ancestors.






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