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4,000 Rwandan troops arrived in Beni, in eastern Congo, this August 19, 2016. When is Rwanda going to stop killing Congolese? Until the UN and US investigate the UN Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, or until Kagame, Museveni, and “Kabila” are called to account for their crimes? (photo cr:armyrecognition.com)


The Congolese expert in intelligence who was trained in the top agencies of the world including the US, Germany, and Israel, who also directed Zaire’s intelligence services during part of Mobutu’s rule, and who is the only former Mobutu’s official who has been publicly engaged, through his movement called APARECO, joining forces with other Congolese in the worldwide Congolese Common Front, in trying to stop the DRC’s ongoing genocide and occupation by Rwandan and Ugandan forces, he, Honore Ngbanda, through his APARECO, has just issued, in French, an urgent warning about major events brewing in eastern Congo (No one has ever disputed the truthfulness of any secret dealings that he has exposed, such as how Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila” have infiltrated all the DRC institutions with Rwandans who make up a parallel government that truly runs the DRC):

Honore Ngbanda, the DRC expert in intelligence and former intelligence services director and minister of defense during part of Mobutu’s reign. The only Mobutu’s official who is fighting to end the Congo genocide, gang rapes, and Rwanda’s and Uganda’s occupation of the DRC…

4,000 Rwandan soldiers have occupied the Beni airport in North Kivu since this past Friday 19th, 2016. Why? What is happening? What is in the works?

At the same time, 8,000 Ugandan soldiers have been stationed on the Ugandan border across from the Congolese town of Kasese, ready to move in and join forces with the Rwandan soldiers in order to heap havoc on the Congolese populations.

Meanwhile, from the DRC side, “Joseph Kabila” has infiltrated in the Congolese army in eastern Congo, thousands of Rwandan soldiers and officers who have been given FARDC’s uniforms and who operate, during the night, as “militias” and “rebels”, and, after gang raping, mutilating, and slaughtering Congolese people with machetes and hacks, and old hoes, they retreat to the army barracks before dawn where they put back on their uniforms: unseen and unheard!

Instantaneous metamorphosis: how “Joseph Kabila” helps Rwandan soldiers become Congolese soldiers by giving them FARDC’s uniforms that they just put on top of their Rwandan army uniforms…

Most of these 4,000 Rwandan soldiers are former prisoners, most of whom carry the HIV virus, who are given the assignment to go to eastern DRC and be paid to kill, and mutilate civilians, and, one of their incentive or reward is the “freedom” to rape any Congolese women, little girls, babies, or old ladies without worrying about the consequences of infecting or destroying these Congolese females (Panzi Hospital of Dr. Mukwege knows the reality of these crimes). In order to carry out their assignment, these soldiers need no military training since the FARDC forces in eastern Congo are their fellow Rwandans who are there to work with them in ethnically cleansing eastern DRC of its Congolese populations as Rwandans move in to occupy the Congolese villages and towns.

This same Friday 19th, according to APARECO’s sources, a technical meeting took place in the Rwandan border town of Gisenyi next to eastern Congo, where 14 Burundian Tutsi military generals who are beholden to Paul Kagame and were led by General Niyombare who is well known to MONUSCO and others. These generals met with the fighters of M23 (hopefully everyone remembers that M23 fighters are Rwandans from Rwanda who were recruited in Rwanda and sent to go cause havoc in DRC, as the United Nations Security Council exposed it in 2012 and, even former head of Rwandan Military Intelligence, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, revealed and confirmed it, in 2014, to the French news agency RFI – So, who are those who are still so stupid or illiterate that they do not know this, and, therefore, Kagame and “Kabila” are trying to fool them by still boldly and publicly stating that, for peace’s sake, they are going to take these M23 Rwandan fighters from Rwanda, who are 100% Rwandans, and insert them, again, in the DRC army pretending that they are Congolese?). This meeting in Gisenyi was intended to coordinate the planned murderous actions in eastern DRC against the Congolese populations.

This is why Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila” always assassinate any Congolese military officer who defeats Rwandan army units. Examples are General Mbuza Mabe, Colonel Mamadou Ndala, and General Lucien Bahuma, just to name a few. The Congolese troops and young officers are killed every day and those in military camps are disarmed and left to suffer and die; and, “Joseph Kabila” who is supposed to be their Commander-in-Chief, has been participating in this slaughter since he is, actually, Paul Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC…

All these preparations to cause havoc in the DRC, especially in eastern Congo, between now and December, have one goal: to keep “Joseph Kabila” in power past December of this year until Barack Obama leaves office, because, then, “Kabila” will continue to rule the DRC just like Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni are doing in their countries. Kagame and Museveni know that if “Joseph Kabila” is no longer president of the DRC, they will lose their grip on eastern Congo where, working together with “Joseph Kabila”, they’ve been killing, gang raping, mutilating, and displacing Congolese populations while, at the same time, looting the DRC’s resources enriching themselves and their international partners.

So, these three decided that if the international community is ok with Kagame and Museveni continuing their crimes in DRC, who’s going to make them not support “Kabila” continuing to rule in DRC?

As things are tightening up against him in Kinshasa, “Joseph Kabila” is spending most of his time in Goma, an eastern Congo town that is 100% controlled by Rwanda as is the entire Congolese Kivu, as Herman Cohen revealed as early as 2008, and the Beni Lubero priest, Vincent Machozi, revealed on the internet site BeniLubero.com, in March, 2016, which led to his assassination by Rwandan soldiers by orders of Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila”. Indeed, plotting to allow Rwanda to take control of Congolese Kivu has been one of the tasks that were assigned to “Joseph Kabila” when his former commander-in-chief in the Rwanda army, Paul Kagame, arranged for him to become “president” of the DRC. Thus, “Joseph Kabila”, in Rwanda-controlled Goma, is right at home, protected by his hired Namibian mercenaries and his fellow Rwandan Tutsi soldiers, albeit in FARDC’s uniforms.

Now, the populations of Beni and of Kasese are beginning to leave their houses and run to hide in the forests where they might escape for a while but they surely will be chased and slaughtered out of sight, even during the day, by these foreign forces from Rwanda and Uganda.

Where are MONUSCO, the US, the UN, and the EU, human rights NGO’s such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and others to sound the alarm, as these troops begin to encroach on eastern Congo?

Remember, once more, that the entire Congolese Kivu is 100% under the control of Rwanda… Any “new” militias such ADF (which is a Ugandan backed militia – why would Ugandans who want to overthrow Museveni in Uganda would be killing innocent Congolese people in their own country?) or the new “Islamist Terrorists” (who are nothing but Rwandans who drink alcohol and speak in Kinyarwanda and who were exposed by Reverend Machozi) are creations of Rwanda and Uganda in order to create a cover for the three partners, Kagame, Museveni, and “Kabila” to continue to slaughter Congolese people and create the excuse for “Kabila” to continue in power in DRC…

The UN and the world, you are warned so NOBODY would ever say that they never knew, as the Congolese people continue to be slaughtered.

Do you Know Where the South-Sudanese Chef Rebel is Hiding ? – The Secret of Pact KABILA – MACHAR

Posted in Les Dépèches By BLO On août 24, 2016

Riek Machar and a number of his troops are settled in Dungu Territory, in the Province of Haut-Uélé, DRC, since a certain time. This information was meant not to be known neither by Congolese people nor by foreign opinions. Taken in charge by the Congolese government, Machar can freely travel from Dungu to Kinshasa by the special presidential jet.

The prolonged stay of the Congolese President in the Eastern Congo has allowed us to discover the hidden face of the one who once was held as hero of peace the year that marked the end of rebellion in the DRC and his ramifications. Today, the time has come for the world to understand why the DRC has never known peace under his reign.

On August 17, 2016, as the nation and the world still had their attention on the events subsequent to the massacres in Beni, the Congolese President took that opportunity to go unnoticed on a top-secret mission at Aru, a town located in the far north-east of the country.

Which kind of mission was that all about? Certainly not to find a solution to massacres of the innocents of Beni or to the recurrent insecurity in Garamba National Park and other peace related issues in the region. On the contrary, Mr. the President is engaged in setting fire, and make it burn even ardently where it wouldn’t have been.

Joseph Kabila has thus decided to seal secretly an alliance with the South-Sudanese Chief Rebel, Mr. Riek Machar who is currently fighting President Salva Kiir’s legal government of the young Republic of Soutth Sudan. The Congolese president flew over Butembo and Beni, sneeringly looking down upon the poor mourners of their loved ones massacred in Beni, and landed at Aru, where he had to partake in a historic meeting with Machar.

Among his acolytes to support him in this program were General GAHIZI, General AKILI MUHINDO alias MUNDOS, general BONANE, Senator John TIBASIMA MBOGEMU ATEENYI, Honorable AUTSAI ASENGA (former Governor of Province Orientale), etc.

The essential of their meeting consisted of the following agreements:

– Congolese president, Joseph KABILA, ensured Riek Machar and his troops to offer them asylum on the Congolese territory, in order to establish their military base in Dungu territory, precisely in Garamba national park. In fact, approximately 10,000 Machar’s troops are already on Congolese territory, precisely in the triangular zone expanding from Kengezi-Base (Ingbokolo) to Doruma, all through the Garamba. General BONANE has been appointed to take care of these South Sudanese rebels and create favorable conditions for them, and help them in military recruitment and formation in Aba area on account of the alliance Kabila-Machar.

– The Congolese President will be in charge of providing his guests with all that they need, including health care for Machar’s troops. Effectively, General Bonane is already supervising medical treatments of Machar’s wounded soldiers in health facilities in Dungu. In fact, one Machar’s military officer has been transferred to Bunia, in Ituri, for proper medical treatment at Bunia General Hospital.

– Meanwhile, it has been agreed upon that Riek Machar will give priority to supporting Kabila in his effort to pervade general chaos and take the Eastern and North-Eastern regions of DRC. Kabila requested Machar to immediately provide him with 2,000 soldiers who will be used to support Rwandan immigrants settled in Boga and Tchabi, and to exterminate the local people in the way of what has been going on in Beni since two years now.

Note that a Congolese businessman named IDI TABAN has been associated in this enterprise to supply stuff to the troops and to mobilize the Kakwa community from Congo, Uganda, and South-Sudan to provide potential candidates for recruitment needed for Kabila-Machir alliance. However, Senator TIBASIMA has been appointed to supervise the follow up of this alliance in Bunia and mobilize Hema notabilities for this cause, while taking care of medical treatments of the rebels admitted in Bunia hospitals…

After this meeting, Kabila and Machar went together spend a night in Isiro to continue their private discussions. Kabila regained Goma the following day.

It is in this evil undertaking that the Congolese vice Prime minister and Home Land Security Minister, Mr. Evariste Boshab undertook a quick visit at Garamba last August 18, 2016 in order to finalize the planning of the Kabila-Machar project and take adequate dispositions to care for Machar’s troops and to secure their military base that will be established in Garamba national park. It is during his visit that the above attached photo was taken.

In addition, Mr. ABDALLAH PENEMBAKA, Governor of Ituri Province, was instructed to take appropriate dispositions for the success of this Kabila’s project. That is the reason why he visited Kangezi Base last August 19, 2016, where, on the command of President Kabila, he has to meet with Riek Machar and his 300 men.

Meanwhile, it is apparent that Riek Machar’s troops are already arriving massively in Isiro. Isiro airport has suddenly become busier and busier with suspects traffics and flights. Libyans are also allegedly named among arriving mercenaries. Curiously, it has been observed that the staff at Isiro airport from the Nande ethnic community have been imposed a vacation. Joseph Kabila’s secret services suspect them for leaking secret information concerning the project plan that is underway in the region.

In addition, it has been planned that Machar should travel to Kinshasa, then to Ethiopia for lobbying in favor of this new alliance between him and the Congolese President.

See now how the Chef Executive of the DRC has finally distinguished himself as expert in supporting negative forces in this region of his country! It seems as if it was not sufficiently enough or successful for him to having created local armed groups (CNDP, M23, and other different groups of Mai-Mai). So, he has now become “international” recruiter. He has been sponsoring also FDLR (from Rwanda), ADF-NALU (from Uganda), LRA (from Uganda). Now he has brought in and is sponsoring rebels from South Sudan. So you see, those are guests of honor invited by the Congolese President to crash down the Congolese local people and citizens. What a horrible thing!

And, if that is the real objective of the power of Joseph Kabila as President of the country, how could one expect peace in the Eastern DRC and the whole Great Lakes Region?

The day before he was gruesomely murdered, Father Vincent Machozi posted on benilubero online, saying:

« One thus understands the serious danger of extending Joseph Kabila’s power beyond constitutional presidential terms. Congolese worthy of this name must refuse any kind of betrayal. In fact, given what is happening in Kivu-Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016, would give time and means for to the Congolese government which is evidently accomplice in Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri underway” (Father Vincent MACHOZI, March 19, 2016).

©Beni-Lubero Online.

Islamist Slaughters – Terrorists of Beni and Government, caught in flagrance in Butembo

Posted in Les Dépèches By BLO On août 24, 2016

Posted in Les Dépèches By BLO On août 21, 2016

The mood in Butembo is tense this Sunday. The whole town is in ebullition. Even children under 4 years old would not continue to trust the army.

This morning of August 21, 2016, a non-matriculated minibus with closed windows with curtain was coming from Rutshuru and stopped downtown Butembo at the place called La Concorde for a breakdown reason: flat tire. However, passengers did not come out of the vehicle. Given what is happening these last three days, people suspect that the vehicle might be transporting enemies. Curious enough, they draw closer to see what or who are in the vehicle. They realize that there was no seat in the minibus but a load of stuff covered with a tarp. They alert the youth group called “verandistes” who swiftly arrive at the spot. Without delay, they search the minibus. Great surprise! They couldn’t understand it! The passengers are “Hutus” laying and covered in the tarp: children, men, and women.

Their baggage consists of machetes, knives, and axes. The search continues. They have papers signed by chiefs from Masisi. They are looking for arable land. But the treasure is hidden in the vehicle. Surprising discovery: the new army uniform that Congolese soldiers are now wearing at the front, to distinguish themselves from the enemies, according to the most recent decision from the Congolese Army hierarchy. See images below.

The news spreads fast. The “verandistes” have caught up a group of slaughters in Butembo. Children, women, young, and adults in the groups of slaughters who massacre our population. The crowd grow angrier when they find the newly suggested uniform for the Congolese army at the front in the hands of the enemies.

From videos taken at the scene, one could see the angry crowd ready to lapidate. Some disturbing images show a mother being dragged down with his baby on her back. However, the people with their heart in hands had pity on the child and abstained of stoning to death the enemies. It is a crime against humanity, and especially using children in a genocide initiative!

The police arrive and rescue the presumed slaughters. It is late, the army has been caught up! The new military uniform was meant to be worn by Congolese soldiers in order to avoid any confusion with the enemies and to prove their in the genocide of the Nande people.

In the north of the city, at Furu, people decide hic et nunc to march and go down the streets to denounce the complicity of the Congolese government in the genocide of the Congolese people. No more doubt that the curfew decreed for Beni and Butembo was meant to allow the enemies to infiltrate these towns.

The order has been given. The police and the army have to intervene and prevent the angry population to revolt. The crowds were dispersed in all directions with gunshots. Until 6 PM gunshots were heard in the whole city. The facts are so evident that arise some questions that need the answer from the Congolese government as soon as possible.

1. Among the stuff found in the minibus, there was the Congolese new military uniform! How come that within one week since the uniform was proposed to the Congolese soldiers is already in the hands of the enemies? Who provided the uniform to the enemies? ADF? Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi ?

2. Two years ago, the government (Mende and Julien Paluku recall this) ordered local populations to abandon their villages and land or fields until the army had establish security in the area. Because it would be lack of responsibility for the government to watch powerlessly his people being massacred without any intervention. How come that the government is now supporting other, foreign population to occupy the land of local populations who have been forced to leave for their safety?

3. Few months ago, under the request of the Provincial Assembly, Julien Paluku signed a decree that suspended any migration of populations within the province. This decree is still effective. Now, why the migration of populations has started again just after Joseph Kabila’s visit and the massacres of more than 200 civilians in Beni?

4. They had a road map document signed on August 15, 2016 by local chief “Mwami” Bauma Bitsibu Wa Bulenda from Masisi. On the same document the departure date is August 12. The migrants were caught up in Butembo on August 21. According to the document, they were heading to Irumu, precisely in Walese to join their family relatives. In fact, it is in Irumu-Tchabi that we observe a concentration of Rwandans coming in from Tanzania where they have been expelled from. What is astonishing, one of them holds a bill of sale of land in DRC, but signed and delivered in Uganda on May 19, 2016. How come that someone from Masisi buys from an Ugandan a land on Congolese territory?

5. Last, concerning the minibus: why did the traffic police allowed a vehicle with no license plate on the road and with passengers?

What has been discovered today unfold once more the complicity of the Regime in the massacres in Beni. When in Beni the government decide now to prosecute the presumed ADF caught few months ago, we understand that it is simply a game going on in order to dupe national as well as international opinions, to make them believe that the criminal slaughters are “rooted in the local community,” according to the words of Mr. Mamadou Diallo, the vice special representative of the UN, on radio Okapi.

It has also been reported that a motorcycle taxi man has been killed, shot dead by a police officer at Kauntura round about. May he rest in peace. His name is Mbusa Kanduki, born in Kayna on August 16, 1984, in Kihate County. Another taxi man was seriously wounded. We also learn that another minibus with suspect enemies has arrived via Kyondo and is heading to Beni. That is the peace that Joseph Kabila has promised the people of Beni and Butembo. In a respectful law country, the Supreme Court should have assumed its responsibility!

« One thus understands the serious danger of extending Joseph Kabila’s power beyond constitutional presidential terms. Congolese worthy of this name must refuse any kind of betrayal. In fact, given what is happening in Kivu-Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016, would give time and means for to the Congolese government which is evidently accomplice in Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri underway” (Father Vincent MACHOZI, March 19, 2016).

©Beni-Lubero Online.

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